About Five Star Companies


Our mission is to provide high quality instrument maintenance, repair, and manufacturing services to hospital organizations, major instrument manufacturers, and surgeons at a moderate price by developing a client tailored management model with shared resources.


The first company, Five Star Surgical was founded in 1998 by three former associates of a worldwide, Fortune 500 medical manufacturer. Gualter Massa, John Camara, and David Cabral, together share over 90 years of experience in the surgical instrument repair and manufacturing industry. It is no question why we are a leading company in customer loyalty. In 2006 the trio decided to evolve their passion in instrument manufacturing by expanding our facility to 40,000 square feet and acquiring a premier OEM supplier for the top orthopedic companies in the world. Five Star Manufacturing shares the same roof as Five Star Surgical which allows an uncommon versatility that truly fulfills the unique challenges that our clients demand.

FIVE STAR Surgical

We understand that the best way to help hospitals reach their goals is not by doing their job; instead we must do our job in a proper and effective manner. Our family of 30 master technicians together holds over 550 years of instrument craftsmanship. We comfortably mention the word family because the sons of our senior technicians make up our second generation of crafters. Hospital organization budgets and surgeons, who have been given the opportunity to test the difference, have realized that the results of our master technicians cannot be duplicated by our competitors. Operating rooms know that the instruments that are in demand are the specialty instruments that may be easily ruined by improper care. Hospitals notice that with our Performance Improvement Program, instead of replacing the expensive instruments that get lost or damaged by improper care; they use their capital to buy more instrument sets. More instrument sets puts less turnover stress on your operating rooms and central sterile processing department because it facilitates terminal sterilization, instead of short cycle sterilization. This truly makes instruments ready for the operating room while practicing the best patient care and safety procedures.

FIVE STAR Manufacturing

We provide unmatched quality instrument manufacturing capabilities for major instrument manufactures, also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We are audited annually by leading names such as Depuy, a Johnson and Johnson Company, Zimmer, and Symmetry. We emphasize strict lean manufacturing and six sigma practices. Our goal in manufacturing is to sustain our experienced team of engineers, programmers, machinists, and quality specialists. To do this our clients must sustain high volume orders to maintain a consistent flow of work. The loyalty of our clients allows us to be a high quality and reliable resource to help bring our clients’ products to market in a timely fashion.