Five Star Credo

The Five Star Credo is our guideline of social responsibility that we believe will continue to drive our success.

First and foremost, we must work with awareness that our choices impact surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, care-takers and all others who use our products and services for patient care.

The primary resource of our company is its people; hence we are responsible to our employees. Productivity may always be improved by treating employees as individuals and interacting with them on a friendly basis. Employees must feel appreciated for their efforts through positive feedback. All shall feel comfortable to speak their minds. Ideas and opinions are to be expressed, not oppressed. Everyone must feel valued, not for what they can do but simply because they belong to the Five Star family. Motivation must be created by matching each employee’s goals with the goals of our family of companies. Employees must be regarded as professionals and treated as partners. It is important to first seek to understand, then to be understood. Management is to be trained for competency, and actions are to be equally just and ethical to all.

We are responsible to our communities. In good merit, we must support our local charities and be involved in fundraising activities. We must be an example of leadership to empower our communities. We shall work to promote healthy living and encourage education. We must take stellar care of our property that we are privileged to share with our community. We must practice strict recycling habits to preserve our natural resources. We must maintain our property in excellent condition to protect our environment for generations of communities to come.

Our final responsibility is to our partners and shareholders. Our choice of products and services must turn a fair profit. We must listen to the changing demands of the markets and introduce innovative ways to adjust. To be competitive we must embrace change and enforce training. Investing in technology will increase efficiency and further growth. We must be accountable for our mistakes and take immediate action to correct them. Senior management must set examples by consistently making job-related decisions that are morally appropriate. To be most effective we must constantly move, interact, and adapt to change, while maintaining stability to help solve our client’s problems as they arise. If we follow these guidelines our companies shall realize a sound profit.